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Rikshem AB chooses AddPro as strategic partner for its digital journey

Rikshem has done a solid job of finding the right partner for the digital journey it is facing. The agreement that has now been concluded with AddPro AB is strategic and aims, among other things, to strengthen the current
IT production, but above all to move and develop Rikshems IT, partly to rationalize and streamline and partly to develop new services, which ultimately will benefit and facilitate Rikshems customers.

The agreement is strategic for both Rikshem and AddPro and is basically a development/solution that will contribute to the business development of Rikshem with the help of new and effective digital solutions and tools. Both AddPro and Rikshem are in a very expansive phase and with this new cooperation agreement AddPro together with Rikshem will be able to streamline and optimize the existing environment. AddPro is developing and driving Rikshem's digitalization journey forward with AddPro's digitalization concept and methodology. This means that AddPro delivers, for Rikshem, a total solution that can be described in more detail as a Hybrid Cloud where the delivery includes many different solutions, such as AddPro's own data centers and Microsoft Azure's cloud services. Everything is synchronized with AddPro's 24×7 Service Management Team to achieve higher efficiency and high security.

"Rikshem's very clear will and ambition to make a shift in their business with the help of IT over time together with their partner triggered us at AddPro early in the process, because that is what we at AddPro are best at", according to AddPro's CEO Nicklas Persson.

"Rikshem, like any other company of its size, is hugely dependent on a well-functioning strategy that includes and emphasises the possibilities of digitalisation to accelerate business processes and find new ways to do business and develop its operations. Rikshem has such a strategy and AddPro is the catalyst that helps accelerate the process so that Rikshem can gain competitive advantage in the market. Together we form a real dream team and we contribute to strengthening Rikshem's competitiveness with our expertise and concepts. Outsourcing and letting a supplier deliver IT instead of the organisation doing it itself is something quite a few companies can offer, but actually implementing strategies and change is something completely different, something AddPro has demonstrated time and time again", according to AddPro's Martin Schedin who developed the deal together with Rikshem.

"Rikshem is in a phase where we are further gearing up our digitalisation. We are constantly working to strengthen our offer, our quality and sustainability, internally and towards our customers, where we see that a continued investment in digitalisation will provide new opportunities in all parts of the company and towards our customers. It is therefore important that we have a partner who understands our needs and can contribute to our future development. We feel that AddPro has a professional organization that will be able to meet up." says Sandra Isberg, Business Development Manager at Rikshem AB.

About AddPro
AddPro operates in the IT field in Sweden and Denmark as a Business Transformation Partner for Secure & Efficient IT. AddPro was established in 2000 and the business has developed very positively, is expanding strongly and is today represented in Malmö, Stockholm Gothenburg, Helsingborg, Kristianstad, Copenhagen, Jutland and South Zealand. With a combination of top-rated consultants, strategic suppliers, selected cloud services, own data centers and 24×7 manned service desk and SOC, the business is able to provide the market with the best solutions within AddPro's focus area. The business is expected to turn over approx: 1.3 billion SEK in 2022 and employ over 500 specialists of which approx. 85% are technical specialists working in one of the company's areas of expertise. AddPro is part of the itm8 group, which is one of the leading Nordic players in managed IT services for private companies and the public sector. itm8 is represented in 26 locations in Denmark, Sweden, the Philippines and the Czech Republic, has over 1,700 employees and is expected to have a turnover of 3.7 billion in 2022.

For further information contact:
Nicklas Persson, AddPro AB, +46 73-625 75 50,

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