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Management and founders acquire AddPro AB

Search Management and founders acquire AddPro AB
The AddPro Group will be split into two companies with the management and founders acquiring the IT integrator AddPro AB from the current main owner, the private equity company Perusa, through a so-called. MBO, Management buy out.

AddPro consists of three business areas; Infrastructure, Application & Integration and Security & Communications. The management and founders are acquiring the two business areas Infrastructure and Application & Integration as well as the rights to both the name and brand associated with AddPro AB. Perusa retains the Security & Communication business area, which is simultaneously renamed CoreSec Systems AB.

The acquired business is expected to generate sales of approximately SEK 250 million in 2015 with good profitability and currently employs over 120 people. The head office of AddPro AB will remain in Malmö and the company also has offices and operations in Gothenburg, Helsingborg and Kristianstad. AddPro AB will look at establishment in Stockholm, expansion in Gothenburg and extensive recruitment in existing locations during 2015 and the next few years.

The group making the acquisition consists of Nicklas Persson, Klas Ljunggren, Robert Hansson and Magnus Norling, who originally founded AddPro AB in September 2000. The quartet is now joined by two additional owners, Jörgen Pålson and Mattias Andersson, Business Area Managers for Application & Integration and Infrastructure respectively. All owners have been operational in the business for a long time and continue to be so.

- We have created a real "dream team" in this setup with these two business areas where the combined industry experience and knowledge of the staff will make a big difference in the market. I am extremely happy to be a part of this and help develop the enormous potential that exists in the company together with our fantastic staff, says Nicklas Persson, CEO AddPro AB.

- We have a uniquely strong offering in an area that is developing rapidly and in a direction that we see as very interesting where IT infrastructure and application development are increasingly integrated together and that is our core business", says Nicklas Persson. Many of our competitors are chasing volume and size, but we have always worked according to the motto that competence, quality and proximity to the customer are the most important things for our customers and their business. With this approach, we have also acquired a very large group of loyal and satisfied customers. We are really looking forward to continuing to develop our customers' business and IT operations in order to strengthen their competitiveness with the help of IT," continues Nicklas Persson.

- We see a lot happening in our industry in terms of consolidation and acquisitions and we will of course also play an active role in this. We will definitely stand out with both our business models, concepts and approach and it will be extremely fun and exciting to see how far we can develop this. The potential in the market is enormous and we will be very active to take larger market shares both organically and through acquisitions, says Jörgen Pålson, Business Area Manager for Application & Integration.

- It's been many years since this part of the IT industry offered so many interesting technology and business solutions that actually impact our customers' competitiveness and profitability. Solutions that are business-critical for the continued development of the business and where customers need more than ever a competent partner who understands the customer's business and can recommend, implement and take responsibility for the right customer solution, concludes Mattias Andersson, Business Area Manager for the Infrastructure area.

The transaction was completed at the end of December 2014 and is effective from 1/1-2015.
AddPro AB has received many awards and prizes over the years, but two years in a row, 2013 and 2014, AddPro has been ranked highest by Swedish companies and organizations as the IT infrastructure company that delivers the highest customer value to its customers. Nicklas Persson also won the Entrepreneur of the year regional final in southern Sweden in 2007, which EYO organises in Sweden and in some 40 other countries.

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