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Continuity information from AddPro AB

For some time now, we have all been affected in some way by the spread of Covid-19 in society. This means that we all have to take a number of activities and precautions and act in ways that we would not normally have to. We at AddPro are used to rapid shifts and transitions and see challenges and solutions rather than problems and we will always continue to push this thesis, it is in our DNA!

At AddPro, we constantly follow the information provided by the authorities on this situation and we apply what we call the "precautionary principle", which means that we relate to what the experts in the field convey to us. Based on this information, we continuously make decisions that we believe are best for our employees, our customers and for AddPro.

Maintaining our delivery capacity and quality when it is needed most is a priority for us. Functioning IT solutions will be directly critical to the majority of the world's businesses in times like these and therefore we have taken the following steps to ensure delivery to your business while minimising the spread of infection at AddPro, in Sweden and around the world:

  • Starting today, Thursday 12 March, we are redeploying all staff working in Service Desk and Operations on the delivery of our services and functions to work from home.
  • We encourage all other staff to work from their homes wherever possible. This is done to allow for client meetings in our offices, taking into account the reduced risk of the spread of infection.
  • We encourage the use of Teams as a forum for all meetings, both internal and external, wherever possible.
  • We urge all employees to avoid travel where a car cannot be used.

These measures are taken to limit the spread of infection in the community as well as to secure our supply capacity to you as partners and we hope for your cooperation and support in this important work. If you have any new needs or requests following the developments of the last few weeks, please do not hesitate to contact us, we are working 24×7 to implement new smart ways of working to ensure the continuity of our customers' business.

We will keep you informed on an ongoing basis about our efforts to deal with this situation and, as mentioned earlier, we hope for your support and cooperation in what is perhaps, for all of us, our most important mission yet!

United We Stand
Nicklas Persson, CEO

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