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Havsresan 2023 - AddPro proud sponsor as Swedish Coast and Sea Center (SCSC) makes a real difference!

The Havsresan project has existed since 1990. It has historically been run by Lund University as a so-called collaborative project and the motto has always been Show - Know - Protect. Since 2019, Havsresan is run by SCSC.

SCSC is a non-profit and non-profit organization that is independent of the state, municipality, religious, political and private interests. SCSC works to get all stakeholders i.e. state, municipality, county council, business and all citizens and tourists to understand the importance that everything we do in our coastal and marine area, directly affects what we ourselves will experience and the legacy we leave behind to future generations.

Havsresan 2023, which took place in Malmö between May 15-20, had Malmö as its starting point. The diving assignments included documenting the coastal environment, examining the state of the sea's nursery with eelgrass and reefs, and documenting existing reefs as possible protection against future coastal erosion. They also documented emissions and littering to show the damage they do to the Sound. An important element of the field week was to build opinion for a healthier sea and coasts, and to do this they had to be able to show what it really looks like under the surface. They were also able to document the condition of old wrecks in the Malmö area.

There were about 40 participants, 25 of whom were divers. The base for the activity was the boat Galeasen Helene where the activities were based and which also served as the divers' accommodation during the week. The activity area was (apart from Malmö ports and especially Nyhamn) Öresund and stretched from the wind farm south of the Öresund Bridge to Barsebäck. Most activities were carried out at sea.

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More about Sea Journey

The basic idea is that if you have an opportunity to see everything in and around the sea, and understand how much it gives us, you will want to know more. Then we will also manage it well. We try to increase respect for the sea by highlighting cross-cutting issues, good examples and showing the diversity of the benefits the sea provides. Of course, we cannot ignore the problems that exist, but we try to put them in context.

During Havsresorna we try to create a "playing field" for different organizations, which participate with their own activities within the common framework of Havsresan. This public part of Havsresan gives associations, companies, organizations and authorities the opportunity to meet and show their activities and commitment.

Participation and engagement are important - and the broader the content of the Sea Journey, the more people our message will reach. There are really no restrictions on who can participate other than that the business you run or represent should have a clear link to the sea.

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Examples of SCSC activities

Halixfax bomber from WWII, Falsterbo (3 min):

Ghost nets - search and recovery (4 min):

Dead bottom in Hanö Bay (5 min):

Sea Journey 2019 How is the Öresund (2.5 min):

Havsresan 2021 in Landskrona (10 min):

Vättern under the surface. "Best Short Documentary on The European Short Film Festival 2021" (40 min):

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