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AddPro gives more young people the chance to realise their future dreams

AddPro is helping to give more young people the chance to realise their dreams for the future through education at Kensweds secondary school in Kenya. The school has made an early decision to invest in IT in education, as well as computer literacy as an optional subject. AddPro's gift will enable Kensweds to employ a full-time IT teacher for one year. We look forward to doing more together with the Zelmerlöw Björkman Foundation and making a real difference to young people living in poverty.

Kensweds Upper Secondary School has chosen early on to invest in IT in teaching, as well as computer literacy as an optional subject. Already in 2012, basic computer literacy was offered. The first class to write their final exams in this subject (called K.C.S.C) did so in 2017. Today, all students take some form of computer science at basic level and for those who want to go deeper into IT, there is an elective course in Year 3 when all students must choose some specialisation. In 2022, 14 students chose an IT specialisation, in 2023, 30 students have applied to take IT, which is 1/4 of the students in Year 3. In addition to IT, students can choose between Agriculture, History and Government & Business as specialisations.

Zelmerlöw Björkman Foundation

Founded in 2013 by artist Måns Zelmerlöw and tennis player Jonas Björkman with a vision to make education accessible to more people. "We know that education is the way out of poverty and vulnerability, which is why the Zelmerlöw & Björkman Foundation works tirelessly to ensure that young people can go to school and fulfil their dreams for the future. We identify young people in Kenyan slums, support them with a secondary school education at Kenswed, boarding accommodation, access to healthcare and further education in the form of university scholarships or vocational training that leads all the way to employment. We are working to contribute to the achievement of the Global Goals, in particular Goal number four: Good education for all, says Zelmerlöw and the Björman Foundation".

Read more about the Zelmerlöw Björkman Foundation here:

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