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AddPro is now part of the Microsoft Partner Pledge Initiative

Our starting point is that we must create positive impact through our activities.

AddPro's environmental management system has been certified according to ISO14001 since 2017 and since 2020 AddPro is an active member of Techsveriges (formerly IT and Telecom companies) Sustainability Council, where we get to influence the sustainability work in the industry as a whole.

As of 2021, we are also part of the Microsoft Partner Pledge Initiative.

Here are the Partner Pledge's four pillars that we as Microsoft partners adhere to

A commitment to strive to develop a more inclusive workforce by, for example, making existing gender equality and equity challenges visible, working towards more inclusive recruitment processes and working towards strong representation at all levels within the organisation.

A commitment to assist in achieving the Swedish climate goals by, among other things, promoting innovative solutions, integrating sustainability work into strategic partnerships and increasing transparency about own CO2 emissions.

Digital skills
A commitment to develop a workforce with stronger digital skills, for example by ensuring that employees can upgrade their qualifications and by offering apprenticeships and traineeships to students and jobseekers.

Developing responsible and ethical AI solutions
A commitment to help develop artificial intelligence with a focus on always putting the human perspective at the centre, making society a better place and in line with AI design principles based on clarity, responsibility, fairness and ethics.

We share Microsoft's view on these priorities and will continue to weave them into our business to develop innovative solutions that inspire and enable organisations and businesses to make sustainable choices.

If you want to learn more about the Microsoft Partner Pledge Initiative, you can do so here!

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