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AddPro is once again at the top when customers have their say

For the 8th consecutive year, AddPro is ranked at the top of Radar's 2022 report on supplier quality. The report is based on interviews with over 800 Swedish decision-makers and companies and provides a survey of Sweden's best IT suppliers and measures quality and value creation in the relationship between customers and suppliers. AddPro is once again top five in the category of user-related IT

For an IT buying organisation, the report provides guidance on the areas and issues that should be prioritised in a sourcing process to minimise risk and ensure expected impact. 

User-facing IT is the part that affects the largest part of the business by far. It is de facto where all creativity, production and new innovations take place. The better this works, the better a company or organisation develops

"Business and technical standardisation, like infrastructure and operations, have characterised the user-facing IT market in recent years. Standardisation, which in turn has led to increased competition and shrinking margins, has forced suppliers to increase efficiency in order to keep prices down. The buyer of user-related IT services is finding it increasingly easy to navigate this market as it becomes easier to compare and assess the content and price offered by the provider. It istherefore essential that the supplier demonstrates an understanding of the business and is able to deliver an IT workplace that responds to customer and/or industry-specific requirements" Radar Ecosystem.

"AddPro is our customers' best business partner, a so-called. Business Transformation Partner to our customers and the most important thing for us is that our customers' business develops faster than their competitors with the help of our technical solutions and our business understanding of our customers' challenges and opportunities. This survey is a clear proof of that and it makes both me and the whole AddPro team very proud and inspired to continue developing our customers and AddPro" Nicklas Persson CEO AddPro.

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Nicklas Persson / CEO AddPro Sweden

Radar Ecosystem Specialists
Radar is the leading provider of local fact-based insight for stakeholders in the IT industry ecosystem. By being able to follow a crown through the ecosystem, Radar offers a unique level of detail for both the IT organization and the IT vendor in the local market. Radar Ecosystem - The IT research company

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