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Six questions and answers on digitisation

Looking for a good summary of what digitisation is and what it can be used for? We at AddPro have developed a short guide that answers the most common questions about digitisation and a digital strategy.

What is digitisation?

It is said that digitalisation is the fourth industrial revolution. Technological developments in a number of areas have come a long way and are being combined in new and exciting ways. What's more, it's happening very quickly compared to previous technological revolutions.

What were the previous industrial revolutions?

  • 1st Industrial Revolution: 1760-1840 factories, water power, steam and machinery
  • 2nd Industrial Revolution: 1870-1914 steel, electricity, mass production, railways, oil, cars, rubber, bicycles, fertilizers
  • 3rd Industrial Revolution: 1960s to early 2000s: information technology, computerization, automating production

What can digitalisation be used for?

Digitalisation becomes an engine for business development. Digitisation can help you develop and improve your business almost infinitely. There are three main purposes for which digitisation is commonly used:

  • Streamlining, optimising processes and improving collaboration
  • Customer experience, understanding their customers better, becoming more attentive to their customer and creating better experiences for the customer
  • Business innovation, creating new products or business models based on digitisation (e.g. Encyclopaedia Britannica investing in subscription services in education instead of 30 thick books on a bookshelf, or AirBnb having the most overnight stays per year without having a single hotel)

Why bother with digitisation?

Because otherwise you will be overtaken. If you don't take it seriously, your competitors will, and why would your customers choose someone who offers something inferior to the competition?

How can you prevent your customers from leaving you for another competitor?

Start thinking about why your customers choose you today. Outline your value proposition and what benefits you offer today at what price and think about ways this can be challenged. What can you do to remain relevant to your customers? Can you make your offer even better for your customers? Can you add or subtract something that makes your offer to your customers even better than it is today?

How can AddPro help you get started with digitisation?

  • Inspiration: we can inspire you and give you knowledge on how to use technology in your business in new ways.
  • Analyse your customer offering: we can help you look at your customer offering to consider what makes your customers choose you today and what you can do to increase the chances that they will want to choose you tomorrow.
  • Digital strategy: we can work with you to develop a digital strategy to tackle digitisation in a structured and powerful way that suits your business.
  • Delivering on strategy: we can also help you implement the initiatives needed to deliver on your digital strategy.


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