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Ready for the next step in your digitisation journey? Book an AddInspire!

AddPro's goal is to accompany you as a customer on the entire digitalisation journey. By being proactive, we want to provide knowledge and insights that meet the needs of the world around us. For those who want to take the digitalisation journey to the next step and know that a digital transformation can contribute to reduced costs, higher efficiency and increased security, we are launching AddInspire - a way for your organisation to get concrete guidance going forward.

AddPro has the expertise to take you through a change process or the implementation of a new system. We help you create more efficient workflows and solutions that support your business challenges. But we also want to be part of the driving force, making sure you have access to the technology and skills needed to keep your business running at its best.

Our well-attended webinars have covered topics such as Securing your information in Microsoft 365, An app in a day and Working securely from home. They are ideal for those who want to gain a better understanding of the possibilities of digitisation and to inspire and convince their colleagues to take the next step.

We are pleased to note that these online sessions have raised follow-up questions and a desire for further discussion. That's why we're presenting AddInspire - an opportunity for your organisation to take your skills development further.

Meet the experts in a personal AddInspire

New insights and knowledge can be found almost everywhere today. Just look in the right place. But those more focused, company-specific, discussions that take place between the organisation's stakeholders and the experts are something that has been missing. Mikael Roos, Application Integrator at AddPro, explains more about the idea behind AddInspire.

  • An AddInspire session can be ordered by the person in the organisation who needs the solution. Perhaps the CISO and DPO need a security review, IT may need to support their business in a new challenge or HR feels they could use some inspiration on how to collaborate better in Teams. Those attending should be curious or have a direct need for the feature or solution that a particular AddInspire addresses, but not know how to proceed and need advice to take the first step, explains Mikael.

The content of an AddInspire is well structured and templated, without being too general. It requires no preparation and the idea is that participants can raise their own issues and discuss internal problems during the session, which lasts between 60 and 90 minutes.

  • We have a standard template with presentation and background, followed by a walkthrough of the solution and a demonstration. We end with an open discussion where participants can raise their own thoughts and what they want answers to, says Mikael.

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AddPro is also a business partner

Another feedback we have received after our webinars is that participants have wanted to bring others in the organisation to discuss and analyse the topic at hand. And it doesn't have to be someone from the IT department.

  • No, exactly! We also want to be a supplier that helps to develop the business in the digital direction; a Business Transformation Partner. A business partner that challenges and asks the right questions. We want to inspire and help create the conditions for a more effective way of working for our customers, no matter where in the organisation an effort is needed. It's good to bring together people from completely different parts of the company as increased efficiency and innovation often occurs between departments, not within them. In an AddInspire on collaboration, for example, participants from HR, sales and why not customer service can join in the discussion.

But what types of content can a session have?

  • For example, it could be the modern secure workplace from home with a collaborative solution in Teams. How can we continue to work safely remotely and still have proper identity and data protection. Another AddInspire might address how RPA can easily and efficiently make analogue process steps digital and automated.

AddInspire provides valuable advice

Allowing the people in your organisation who are affected by the issue to discuss it with an experienced expert or architect will do more than inspire.

  • Yes, there is great value in getting advice from someone who has done the same thing countless times and can share what mistakes to avoid and what tips and tricks can make it easier. The review is sure to start new thought processes and help you take new steps in the direction you are aiming for.

It's easy to book and take the plunge with an AddInspire. Just choose who in your organisation needs to attend and sign up.

  • See you online and you can invite several colleagues. Our goal is to make an AddInspire session count IRL!

Contact us at AddPro to find out more about booking a bespoke AddInspire today!