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News from SharePoint Conference 2019

Read about the most important news from SharePoint Conference 2019!

SharePoint Home Sites

SharePoint Home Sites is the landing pad for your organization. This new type of communication site brings together news, events, content, conversations and video to reflect priorities and company values. With Home sites, we can now finally have a complete, built-in intranet in Office 365.

SharePoint Start Page

The home page is about "me" and contains what's relevant to you, with things like links, recent documents and saved files. This is the personal place that everyone can go to, to see what they're working on and quickly access their files and favourite places.

SharePoint site renaming

One of the most desired features is to be able to change the url of the sites. This will soon be possible from the SharePoint Admin Center.

OneDrive Improvements for Business Processes

You can now ask other users to upload files to your OneDrive, e.g. to collect feedback or just to upload documents to a dedicated folder. You can link directly to PowerPoint slides and @mention in the Office apps.

Live Events in Yammer

You can now start Live events in Yammer. Actually, there are three ways to broadcast your Live events, Microsoft Teams, Yammer and directly in Stream. The Streaming service is behind all three.

SharePoint Search updates

Searches in SharePoint are updated to Microsoft Search. Search wherever you are, whether you're working in the Office apps, Teams, SharePoint or OneDrive, and you'll get the same experience. By the end of the year, you should be able to create refiners, custom verticals and display templates. Indexing will be faster, with changes visible within 15 seconds. Adaptive cards and external sources are also coming.

Interactive quizzes, polls and surveys in Stream videos

Insert interactive questions, polls and surveys directly into the video clip. Surveys from Forms e.g.

OneDrive differential sync

Differential sync for all file types in OneDrive and SharePoint is coming later this year. So only changes are synced to the cloud, saving time and bandwidth.

Microsoft Teams / SharePoint Integration Improvements

Get the full document library experience in Teams. This means that you will have the same interface in Teams as in SharePoint and you can work with metadata, views and all action buttons.

Multi-geo capabilities

Ability to store Siters data in one or more of the world's data centres.