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Modern workplace, is more than Teams, it's a whole new way of working!

The digital workplace, or as we increasingly call it - the modern workplace, is not a physical place. It's more a way of working and more importantly a way for you to collaborate and communicate with your colleagues. Linnéa Henriksson is a change manager at AddPro. She sees that the strength of the Modern Workplace is not just the technology behind it. Instead, it is the collaboration between people that creates value.

  • If we work with new technology in an old way, nothing happens. It's only when we change the way we work that we can harness the power of the new technology," says Linnéa.

Email is safe and familiar

For many years, emails have been the main information channel for every office. For many, it feels safe and familiar, while at the same time it is a source of great frustration and a time thief of the highest order. Full inboxes and long email threads are killing efficiency and inspiration in offices across the country.

  • Reducing the use of email and switching to faster communication tools has become a clear goal in many companies, not only to improve productivity but also to motivate employees.

Change is the only constant

Communication in the office has changed, to say the least. Tube mail and circular envelopes have been replaced by email and file servers. But the challenges remain the same. If a document is emailed around, it is difficult to know who has the latest version, just as with the circular envelope. New systems and procedures are being put in place to organise collaboration and sort out messy file servers. A clear difference with old systems that dictated processes is that modern systems adapt more to the company's existing routines and streamline them with smart tools and built-in intelligence.

More and more about communication and collaboration

The ability to share documents is not a big news, we've been able to do it for a long time, but never has it been easier. Collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams are built around the needs of users. Everyone has the same information, changes to documents can be tracked, and everyone has access to audit management no matter where they are. The device you work in is not important, where you work is not important and when you work matters less. When technology, place and people work together, it creates the space for productivity and innovation on people's terms.

  • The modern office is everywhere. Write a note on your phone on the train home, a note in a document or a message to your colleague when an idea pops up. You're rarely limited by the tools; used correctly, they can make your work easier in many ways, says Linnaeus.

The workplace is changing to become a Modern Workplace

As we work more and more dispersed, both in time and space, the eight-to-five working day is being dissolved and replaced by flexible working. The working day is adapting to us instead of the other way round. Increasingly, we can work when and where we feel most productive and inspired. At the same time, we need to collaborate more and communicate more.

  • Peering over the screen to ask a question is no longer the quickest solution. Maybe there's no one sitting there? Or are you sitting somewhere else? You also run the risk of disturbing someone who is focused, or being the one interrupted by the office neighbour.

Teams are the hub but not the whole wheel

Many people find it hard to let go of emails and think in new ways, but quickly discover that they have more control over documents and their working day when they email less. Sharing a document keeps you in control of it, unlike emailing it and letting go of control. Chatting speeds up communication and becomes searchable in a way that is not possible in Skype, for example.

There is a whole ecosystem around Teams. There are links to other services and functions. You can create forms in Forms, you can read out business data and present it to colleagues in a simple and beautiful way with Power BI and you can organise your work with Planner. With everything in one place, it's easier to stay organised and focused.

  • The modern workplace includes tools and processes that empower employees and improve their daily lives. Using modern tools also strengthens the company's employer brand as an attractive place to work," concludes Linnéa.

Have you changed the way you work together and become more efficient? AddPro has workshops for every step of the journey towards the Modern Workplace. Book today and take the step into the modern workplace.