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Microsoft 365 - your best friend in GDPR work

We are in the middle of an intense period with GDPR coming into force on 25 May and summer approaching. Many people are still a little unsure about what GDPR will mean and how we will deal with it.

From an IT perspective, it's mostly about getting control of our information and our devices. When we can ensure that we have sufficient security on our devices and users, we automatically gain control of our information as well. Then, from an IT perspective, we have taken a big step towards being GDPR compliant.

Microsoft 365 plans should not be seen as a license to users but rather as a valuable subscription to various services and features that are constantly evolving and adapting to the needs of our organizations.

Why should we choose Microsoft 365?

Every organisation should ask itself the following simple questions. If we don't get concrete answers to these questions, the answer is simple: We need Microsoft 365 in our organization!

  • Do you know who has access to your data?
  • Can you quickly find and respond to an attack?
  • Can you protect your data across devices and in the cloud?
  • Do your users find it easy to manage information and documents from different devices and locations?

Common excuses we encounter include "we don't use the cloud and have everything in our own data centre with good firewall and scale protection". No matter what rules management and IT set, there is always someone who thumbs their nose at the rules and uses, for example, cloud storage etcetera to share files externally. Immediately the control is gone and the information outside our server room and firewall

With Microsoft 365, we get a complete platform that enables more efficient ways of working for a modern workplace with security no matter where we keep our information. A good start to get a good insight into how we can give our employees a modern and secure workplace is AddPro's DiscoverIT and SecureIT workshops. Read more here.

Read also our previous blog post where we describe the value of Microsoft 365.

So why is Microsoft 365 a help on the road to becoming GDPR compliant?

In particular, Microsoft 365 Enterprise provides us with features/services that give us greater security and control over our information. Azure Information Protection helps us to create rules for our documents so that we can restrict access to them via different levels of permissions. This feature also follows us outside our organization. For example, we may send a document off to someone outside our organisation where the recipient has to identify themselves with their account and can, for example, only look at the document but not print, forward and so on. We can also set a time limit on how long a document should be available to a recipient. Furthermore, we can enable features that detect if we are trying to send a social security number or a credit card number.

Quick facts about Microsoft 365
Microsoft 365 Business and Microsoft 365 Enterprise are the plans that, depending on the size and requirements of the organisation, provide the tools and features we need to take a number of steps forward in our GDPR work.

Microsoft 365 Business is a unique package of :

  • Office 365 Business premium
  • Windows Pro
  • Enterprise Mobility & Security SMB (includes limited Intune and Azure Active Directory Premium features).

Microsoft 365 Enterprise is a lower-cost bundle of services that are also available separately. These services are:

  • Office 365 Enterprise
  • Enterprise Mobility & Security
  • Windows Enterprise

Learn more about Microsoft 365 Business via the link below.

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