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The hybrid is the solution!

The move to the cloud is an exciting, but also a challenging journey! In many cases, it is not certain that everything can be moved to the cloud. The pace of development in the public cloud services is much faster than the pace of development at your application vendor, or at your local IT department for that matter. So you may be unsure whether the cloud is really for you, right now?

The answer to your questions is undoubtedly yes, and the solution to your concerns is called a hybrid. If you use hybrid thinking correctly, you can use the hybrid to pick the raisins out of the cloud cake.

Porsche 919 Hybrid

Porsche 919 Hybrid

We draw a parallel with motorsport. Porsche outclassed all opposition on the racetrack in the 1970s with its Porsche 917, one of the most successful racing cars ever. The Porsche had a classic internal combustion engine that developed 1100 horsepower and made the car breathtakingly fast. But developments indicated that the electric car would eventually take over. The advantages of the electric car are many. Better efficiency, environmentally friendly, small motors with full torque right from the start and easier transmission. But the big disadvantage is the car's range and the batteries, which are large, heavy and perhaps not entirely environmentally friendly. How would you win the classic Le Mans again in 24 hours with batteries that need frequent recharging?

What Porsche did was to combine the best of both worlds and build a car called the Porsche 919 Hybrid. A small, efficient internal combustion engine and electric motors in the same car. Once again, you had a racing car that crushed all opposition and totally dominated.

You can think along the same lines! You probably want to go to the cloud, but you may know that you have applications that require them to remain in your server room, either for technical or legal reasons.

Get the best experience from your cloud trip

Sometimes it's hard to know what you can or should move to the cloud and what you can and should keep in your hallway. Do the applications work with the network latency? What bandwidth do I have against the cloud service? Will users notice that we moved a file server from a gigabit network to a server hall in Holland? Who wants to make such decisions without experience and guarantees?
The biggest common mistake is to move what you think will work to the cloud, and you end up with a bad experience with cloud services. Application systems and databases require some inventory and discussions with application vendors, but usually you can quickly find test environments, backup systems and simpler applications that can be moved up immediately. Other systems may require a redesign to work smarter. Traditional backup may have to give way to a much smarter hybrid backup in Azure with storage both on-premises and in the cloud?
It is not easy to point out systems that can be moved to public cloud services without knowing what the impact will be on the systems and the end user without good experience. Of course, this is where you should talk to us at AddPro. We have a wealth of experience in what should stay and what can be moved up to the cloud, and draw out your guidelines for what your cloud journey should look like.

Contact us at AddPro today and together we will make a plan of what your hybrid solution can look like! Sit back in your office chair, enjoy the journey and become your company's IT hero.
With AddPro you always travel Business Class!

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