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First step towards a secure IT environment with SecureIT

Many people want the freedom to work wherever they want, not stuck behind a desk and on whatever computer or mobile device feels right at the time. Modern tools allow flexible and mobile working that also increases efficiency and simplifies communication. But it also places demands on the IT department to create a secure IT environment in the cloud, with entirely new types of challenges compared to "old-IT".

A workshop for anyone who is aware of the security challenges in the cloud.

IT security is no longer about updating the firewall on your company's network. Employees have become mobile and work far beyond firewalls and office landscapes. The desktop has been replaced by mobiles, tablets and laptops that connect to corporate clouds and services.

In the SecureIT workshop, participants will try out the security tools of Microsoft 365 EMS and Azure in real-life scenarios. The workshop is aimed at all companies that are in the cloud or on their way there. The new IT landscape requires a new kind of security and an understanding of the new threats lurking out there. Protecting users' identities, managing their devices and securing corporate data are the most important issues - all these and more will be addressed in the workshop.

Mikael Roos works with cloud integration and digital transformation at AddPro and has facilitated several SecureIT workshops. He sees the opportunities of a modern and secure IT environment and wants to help companies to be safe and productive in the cloud.

What types of companies does SecureIT target?

- The workshop is really aimed at any company that works in the cloud and has mobile employees who move outside the office network. It could be that they share files and want to collaborate on them with both colleagues and partners. Even companies that are reviewing their certification, such as ISO 27001 or GDPR need to get a handle on their security.

Who usually comes to the workshop?

- IT managers and security-conscious members of the management team are often interested in the workshop. Unfortunately, they have usually been the victim of an attack themselves or know someone who has been hacked. More companies need to understand the importance of a secure IT environment before something happens. We want to bring the company's management team together to discuss the challenges and see the opportunities of mobile and IT security.

A secure IT environment starts with a practical exercise

Before a workshop, Mikael and his colleagues check in with participants to capture their expectations and concerns. Then they prepare all the equipment participants will need in the form of mobile phones, tablets and computers.

- Participants don't need to bring anything with them, and it can be nice to experiment on a device that you then leave behind. It's easier and many people are more willing to try things out than if they had used their own mobile or computer.

Webinar-So good with SecureIT

How does it work in practice?

- Participants will work with a use case that we have chosen based on that company's specific circumstances and challenges. They will then work through a number of exercises and try out practical aspects such as managing devicer and encrypting data and see how this affects users. Together they will experience a secure IT environment and how it works in practice.

Are participants usually surprised during the workshop?

- The most common is that they are surprised by how easy it can be for unauthorised people to exploit the system and get hold of data. Jokingly, we like to say that companies are divided into two groups: those who know they have been hacked and those who don't know they have been hacked. At the same time, they tend to be surprised at how easy it is to get started working securely.

What will the participants take home?

- In addition to the practical experience of working in Azure, EMS and trying out, for example, data classification, they get tips and inspiration on how to start their security work.

What comments will you hear afterwards?

- By far the most common are "Why don't we have this?" and "When will we get this?". Then when we follow up the training, there is often an awareness of the secure IT environment and there are often interesting discussions about challenges and solutions.

Take control of the cloud and create a secure IT environment

- The user scenario is led by security consultants with extensive experience. The workshop is designed to be interactive, exploratory and we usually have a lot of fun.

Do you and your business want to stay on top of security and protect your users and data when working mobile in the cloud? Book our workshop and get key insights and practical experience on how to get started. Read more about the SecureIT workshop here and book today. If you want to read up first, we have a guide that goes through the security issues that arise when implementing a mobile way of working. Download our guide.