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Five things in Microsoft 365 that strengthen business processes - for those who want to think differently and work more efficiently

Efficiency and business value often come from using digital tools in smart and innovative ways. Streamlining everyday processes creates space for more value-adding work, and effective communication can open the door to innovation. As a manager, what do you do to motivate everyone to curiously explore the possibilities of your digital tools?

We've looked at features big and small that we hope will help you and your staff get started. Here are 5 tips to get you excited about the possibilities of Microsoft 365 and Office 365.

1 - A modern digital workplace is the foundation for keeping up with the digital transformation

Digitalisation is not just about big data systems, machines using the Internet of Things and cloud servers for data processing. It's also about how we work. We have long been digital in the office with emails and Skype meetings, but digital transformation also opens up the possibility of breaking old patterns by using new tools to work more efficiently.

Don't email documents to yourself to work at home

Office 365 is completely platform independent. A nice word for being able to work on your computer, tablet or phone. It's convenient to start working on a document in the office and then check it out on your tablet at home. What many people forget is that they have full access to all applications, emails and documents in almost any browser. So even if you forgot your computer at the office, you can log on to your computer at home and go to the Office portal to access all your work.

2 - Companies want employees who are happy and have modern tools to make their work easier

Digital stress is unfortunately all too common. Most people have a work mobile with their email connected and feel that emails need to be answered as quickly as possible, even in the evenings and at weekends. Building a culture that discourages digital stress is an important part of making employees happy. There are tools in Microsoft 365 to support you as a manager and your employees in finding work-life balance.

MyAnalytics is your little helper to efficiency

The MyAnalytics assistant in Microsoft 365 helps you improve your workday. Using data from your behaviour, MyAnalytics looks at how much time you have booked, how quickly you respond to emails and how much time you spend working in Office 365 applications. MyAnalytics sees negative patterns in your data and helps you break them for a more productive workday.

3 - Boost collaboration and creativity - skip the emails

Is there anything more disheartening than arriving at the office (or relaxing at home) and being greeted by an overflowing inbox? Sure, some emails can be cleared quickly, but reading discussion threads doesn't make many people happy. Microsoft Teams offers great options for internal and external teams. But where does the spontaneity that feels a little out of place in a channel where partners also work go?


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Moving the discussion from Outlook to Teams and Yammer

All too often, someone sends an email to the whole company or to the whole team, even though not everyone is interested in the information. If your message is for the team, you can email directly to the channel in Teams. If you want to reach the whole company, publish in Yammer. Discussion moves and doesn't fill up email boxes with reply-all emails.

4 - Optimize processes that are still manual

It's time to beat the big drum for the little features. Use Forms to easily track projects and present data with the built-in graphical tools. If all sales reps write client notes in OneNote, it can grow into a useful searchable sales tool with extensive client history. Build a smart app that eliminates Post-it notes and emails during onboarding.

A real-life example

In the article Microsoft PowerApps for innovators who want to create apps with business value, we told you about a company that used to conduct its entire onboarding process using emails, Excel sheets, phone calls and post-it notes. This involved ordering keys, access cards, and a computer and phone. IT wanted an authorisation request sent from the line manager. Everything was followed manually with a high risk of mistakes, but the onboarding process could be moved with simple means (read: no programmers) into an app where much could be automated.

5 - Without good and secure collaboration tools for employees, it is difficult to lead or keep up

Work is no longer a place but a function performed by employees. Where they sit matters less as everything is in the cloud. One problem with the cloud is that data and devices suddenly become potentially accessible to anyone, anywhere in the world. Security takes on a whole new focus than when the server was in the basement and the network didn't reach outside the entrance.

Become a leader that attracts talent

A company that wants to be a leader in its industry and an attractive employer must offer modern tools while protecting its users and data. In Microsoft 365, that tool is called EM-S, Enterprise Mobility & Security. EM-S helps companies protect data, devices and most importantly users' digital identities. With secure and accessible tools, your employees can be inspired and achieve great things and simply have fun at work wherever they are.

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