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DiscoverIT - an Office 365 workshop that inspires

Marie Håkansson is a marketing assistant and IT manager at Blinkfyrar, which develops innovative traffic safety solutions. The company has 50 employees with headquarters in Staffanstorp and branches in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Sundsvall. For several years, Blinkfyrar has been applying Lean Productionat all levels to develop production and improve its processes. Earlier this year, a group from the company participated in AddPro's DiscoverIT workshop.

DiscoverIT is for those who are curious and want to try out

DiscoverIT is primarily aimed at managers who want to work more efficiently and are curious about what is possible with new technology. The workshop provides an introduction to Microsoft's productivity tools and is aimed at both companies that have already bought into the solution and those still considering an upgrade. The aim is to provide concrete tips and advice for those who want to maximise the use of the tools in Office 365.

- Our goal is to be at the forefront of digitisation. We have a good cooperation with AddPro and have been customers for many years. We appreciate their proactivity, so when our contact at AddPro told us about the workshop, it felt like a natural thing for us to attend, to get a better insight into how we can work with Office 365, says Marie Håkansson.

The workshop is structured as a practical exercise where participants work in a fictitious company with different scenarios that the group will solve together with their supervisor. Participants get to try out collaborative workspaces including video meetings, chat and document sharing. By using different tools in Office 365, and testing the features on different platforms such as mobile and desktop, the group will get familiar with the applications in the Office suite.

- We were curious to see what it could bring, what AddPro had to offer that we hadn't thought of ourselves. Curious if there were other ideas on how we could work smarter with the Office applications, Marie explains.

Jump directly into Office 365 all applications

Rikard Burman is a consultant at AddPro with over ten years of experience in IT, from both the customer and supplier side. He enjoys the challenge of solving complex situations with simple means and is passionate about helping companies benefit from digitalisation. Rikard, who has been a facilitator for several DiscoverIT workshops, says that what usually drives companies to the workshop is a desire to become more efficient in Office 365.


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- Before the workshop, we always ask the participants about their expectations, so that we can prepare applications and scenarios in the best possible way. We prepare all the machines and make sure that everyone can log in and access all the applications immediately and start working quickly. During leg-stretching and coffee, there are usually a lot of questions and discussions, which shows that a lot of thoughts have been raised," says Rikard.

New tools spark new ideas

- We were actively involved and worked on different tasks that we had to solve together. We got to try working in the cloud and finding new approaches. It's not like sitting and looking at a PowerPoint. We got to be involved and creative, which was a big plus," says Marie.

Rikard believes that many companies would benefit from attending the workshop regardless of how far they have progressed in their digitalisation. The goal is for participants to have an "aha" experience and, after the workshop, start thinking about how they can change their way of working to work smarter.

Marie and her colleagues left with a positive feeling and many new ideas on how to work more efficiently. Although Blinkfyrar is far along on its digitalisation journey, the workshop provided new inspiration to move forward with the digitalisation of internal communication and to collaborate more smoothly.

- The workshop was incredibly rewarding. We were inspired and have started to think about how we can work more effectively together. It's always good to get some help along the way and new ideas about the possibilities of digitalisation. I highly recommend the workshop to anyone who is curious about Office 365 and wants to discover new ways to collaborate," Marie concludes.


Want to know how you and your organisation can improve your internal communication and become more effective? In the Discover IT workshop, you'll get to try out Microsoft Office 365 digital and see the possibilities it opens up. Learn more about Microsoft Office 365 here or register for the workshop here.