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The modern and intelligent workplace

Microsoft has just finished its SharePoint Conference 2019 in Las Vegas and AddPro was there to listen in on the news and trends of the modern, digital and intelligent workplace. The target audience was both IT consultants, developers and business professionals. The focus of the conference was SharePoint with associated services in Office 365 such as Microsoft Teams, the Power platform and services in Azure. 

Implementing a modern digital workplace today is not just about technology, but very much about user understanding, business requirements and information architecture. All companies AddPro works with today have challenges regarding lifecycle management and governance of Office 365 components. It is very easy to create collaborative spaces and materials in Office 365 and new apps and services are emerging that give users new ways to solve their tasks. Better governance and guidelines are needed.

The focus of the conference was SharePoint and related services in Office 365 such as Microsoft Teams, the Power platform and services in Azure. What is the role of SharePoint today? It is the foundation of all file management in Office 365. OneDrive and Teams are based on SharePoint and we put all our governing documents on an intranet. SharePoint is the service that uses the most data storage in all of Azure. But it's much more than file management. It's clearly possible to build a traditional intranet with news and policies, but SharePoint can also be the foundation of a social digital workplace. With Machine Learning, the new Home site and Microsoft Search, we will have a powerful and intelligent digital workplace.

Many users are wondering about the relationship with Microsoft Teams and when to use SharePoint. We'll actually start with the individual and how a user manages their own content, Outlook and OneDrive are the tools for the individual's own content. As soon as we work in a group, which we do 80% of the time, Microsoft Teams is the way to go. We communicate, collaborate on documents and manage activity lists etc. For everything that concerns the whole organisation such as news, governing documents, KPIs and culture we use a SharePoint Hub. The trick is to stitch this together and make it a good experience for the user.

AddPro can help achieve the modern and intelligent workplace. It is first and foremost about a modern, stable and secure client environment. We solve this with Workplace as a Service where AddPro takes full responsibility. We then add on Office 365 with an intelligent intranet and collaboration features in Teams. We develop a governance and lifecycle management process and secure everything with Enterprise Mobility + Security. We capture business requirements with workshops and support the organisation with change management and training.

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