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5 reasons to implement Microsoft Viva.

Do you want your employees and your Microsoft licenses to reach their full potential? Join the journey of change towards the hybrid future.

Work-life balance, flexibility and upskilling. These are what candidates in today's job market value most, according to Global Talent Trends 2022 report from LinkedIn. It's probably not lost on anyone that the workplace has undergone major changes in recent years - and with change comes new expectations and demands. In many workplaces, teleworking is now a matter of course, and if you don't want to be left behind, you'd better follow suit.

The future is hybrid, and in a hybrid workplace it is more important than ever that employees feel a sense of belonging and commitment so that they thrive, develop and want to stay. With Microsoft Viva, you can get ahead of the digital transformation, lay the foundations for a strong company culture and create closeness - even remotely.  

"Viva is more than a product. It's a new way of thinking about cloud computing and its ease of use. Instead of just providing the user with a database of knowledge, Viva conveys a positive overall experience to employees. " Leslie Qvandrup, Architect & Senior Consultant Microsoft 365 Collaboration at AddPro 

Meet the workforce needs of the future - with today's digital solution  

At home, in the office or a mix of both. The aim of Microsoft Viva is to create an environment for employees where they feel good and perform well, no matter where they work from. Viva consists of several different modules, but can of course be designed according to your organisation's unique needs and goals. Contact us at AddPro if you would like guidance and assistance with the technical set-up of Microsoft Viva.  

Implementing a common platform in your digital workplace contributes to, yes you guessed it right, several benefits! Below, we've gathered some of them: 

  1. Higher productivity
    Satisfied employees are also productive employees. A positive work culture, where employees feel happy and enthusiastic about their workplace, also reduces the risk of negative stress and health problems. In other words, the relationship between satisfaction and engagement is extremely strong. With Viva you get an overview of your organisation's well-being and tools to create a better work-life balance for your employees.  
  1. More efficient everyday life
    With a common platform for communication, learning and knowledge, you gather all important information in one place, simplifying everyday life for both employees and managers. Sprawling communication flows are a thing of the past! 
  1. Increased value
    All modules in Viva are directly integrated into Microsoft Teams, which is already used by many companies today. By implementing Microsoft Viva, you maximize the benefits of your Microsoft 365 subscriptions and licenses and improve the user experience for your employees. An efficient option in terms of time, cost and value, plain and simple.   
  1. Stronger culture
    Every company has a culture, no matter how much investment or time and care is put into it. With Viva, you get a secure and flexible platform on which to build your culture, which in turn contributes to an environment of engagement and belonging in the hybrid workplace.  
  1. Clearer goals
    With Viva, you can connect your teams to your organisation's strategic priorities and give employees the information they need to do their best work. By uniting your employees around your company's vision and mission, you build strong teams and set the right conditions for sustainable partnerships. 

Ready to stand out? We'll help you strengthen your corporate culture! 

At AddPro, humanity and equality live side by side with cutting-edge IT and innovation. We care not only about the technical content, but also about how our customers consume technology and maximise its benefits. With a modern approach and close collaboration, we help you with the implementation of Microsoft Viva and support you throughout your digital transformation - we are your driving support in the change journey towards the hybrid future.  

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