The A-Team

By delivering the best solutions, having the best behaviour and creating the best experience, we are here to revolutionise the industry.

We empower your full potential.

At AddPro, you have the opportunity to shape your role to suit you. We offer you freedom under responsibility - for real. It's important to us that you succeed both at work and in your personal life. We are different and what we need to function at work is different. 

It could be anything from getting in lunchtime training, taking a long weekend and working Fridays from Paris to checking out early to spend time with family. Your personal development is important to us and if you have a good idea, we'll run with it!  

Think of us like the Avengers. Only, we're all in green!

Our Vision

Vår vision är att bli Nordens främsta Digitala Transformations Partner.

We strengthen our customers' competitiveness and success to reach their full potential. You could say that the same philosophy applies when it comes to our employees - we want to be the obvious choice as an employer and we want you to reach your full potential! Come and make a difference with us.

The institutions for solutions

We are united by the fact that we are truly passionate about what we do and that we always go the extra mile to support our colleagues when they need it most. Going the extra mile or making the extra call are part of our superpower that allows us to take the ordinary and make it extraordinary. At AddPro, you'll find specialists in everything from broad to niche IT infrastructure, IT security, business development and systems engineering. We have a long-standing close relationship with Microsoft and currently have Gold Partner status in eleven areas. At our company, everyday life is characterised by a strong community and making a difference, for real! Many AddProites have been with us for a very long time and have grown within the organisation, simply because they like it so much. We are very proud of that! 

The AddPro Way - Our corporate culture

Deliver WOW

We're here to Revolutionize the Industry.


Deliver WOW

WOW, that's the experience the customer should always have in all dealings with AddPro. By delivering the best solutions, having the best behavior and creating the best experience, we are here to revolutionize the industry.
People may forget what we've said. It also happens that people forget what we've done, but they'll never forget how we made them feel. So let's focus on always leaving the customer with the absolute best experience ever, twenty-four hours!

The A-Team

United as One!


At AddPro we are very careful about our team building. Everyone should be seen and noticed. We call ourselves a capitalist collective.

We use the good aspects of capitalism, such as daring to win and doing profitable business, in order to continue to develop our business and our employees.

The collective is based on solidarity and the ability to take care of each other, and everyone knows that a well-functioning team is always stronger than a single individual. Of course, every team needs a striker, a Zlatan if you will. For Zlatan to deliver, everything from coaches to teammates and, in his case, a well-groomed lawn is needed!

So it is for us, apart from the pitch, but the similarities are great. Everyone in the team has to deliver in their position and then everyone should get attention and "credit" for it.

Write Your Legacy

This is your time!


Manage your day like a pro. We believe in ownership, responsibility and always getting things done. Even Mohammed Ali would be surprised at our ability to never back down.

So harness your superpowers and use them to achieve great things. It's like Obama said: "We are the ones we've been waiting for".

The Institution for Solutions

Building something Extraordinary out of the Ordinary


You probably know that Elon Musk has a vision that everyone will be able to fly to Mars. Ok, for us that might be taking it a bit too far, we'll settle for flying to Venus 😊
From the start of AddPro, we've always put innovation and quality at the heart of everything we do. We always strive to improve things in every situation. We may not be building any rockets (yet) but we are taking the ordinary and making it extraordinary.
"We do believe in always adding some extra pro and challenging the status quo"

We do it with passion or not at all.

Do you want to be part of our successful team of passionate, responsible, and innovative colleagues? Add some Pro to your life!