Finance & Circular Economy

AddPro As A Service (AAAS) is our own finance company working with solutions for the entire lifecycle management of IT equipment. Our service transforms high total costs of services and products into ongoing flexible monthly costs, while helping you manage your entire lifecycle management that strengthens your company's sustainability efforts.

IT is a large part of a company's total costs, there is money to be saved here.
In a traditional business model, a financial investment is made in hardware, software and other components, which in turn is a drain on the balance sheet. This affects working capital, liquidity and other financial ratios. For example, a deterioration in the company's solvency can lead to a lower financial rating from various credit institutions. In addition, if the investment is not made through some form of external financing, it affects the company's cash flow, which ties up capital.

Why buy when you can rent?
today's society, there is a lack of liquidity, which means that equipment that is depreciating in value gains a new value when you can choose to rent rather than buy.

In many cases, the business pays less in rent than it costs to buy the equipment as it uses the residual value of the products. 

A consumer-level comparison can be made with companies like Spotify and Airbnb, which have shown that accessibility is more important than ownership. In a business context, the equipment is the foundation of the organisation's success. Through a rental agreement, costs can be spread over the period of time the equipment is intended to be used, resulting in a disciplined life cycle, i.e. the equipment is only kept as long as it is useful to the user.

AddPro has the knowledge and understanding of the challenges companies face throughout the lifecycle management of IT equipment and is there for you throughout the process.

Together we take responsibility for the environment

Having a partner to help you manage your entire lifecycle will strengthen your sustainability efforts and you will contribute to improving the global environment in a positive way. What we always try to do first and foremost is extend the life of the equipment. This is usually done by reselling it to another operator who has a buyer for the equipment and where it can be used for a few more years. AAAS offers an efficient, safe and secure process for repossession, data security clearance and sale on a secondary market.

We aim to recycle 95% of all equipment. If the equipment cannot be reused, it shall be recycled in an efficient, safe and environmentally sound manner. Increasing the reuse of computers and other IT equipment will create significant environmental benefits, as new production of IT equipment consumes large amounts of raw materials, energy and chemicals. Reusing IT equipment makes better use of the earth's resources and raw materials and also helps to reduce carbon emissions.

Our four steps in lifecycle management:

1. Sales

We help you sell your old equipment without cumbersome middlemen or negative environmental impact.

2. Monthly cost

We finance your new equipment and service, freeing up capital and usually giving you a lower total cost over the contract period than if you bought it.

3. Control

You get control of your devices and costs through asset management tools. You also have the option to change your equipment during the contract period according to your needs.

4. Withdrawal

We take back the equipment and sell it at the best price. In an environmentally friendly and efficient way, without middlemen.

AddPro helps you get better control over your IT equipment costs

In addition to our traditional leasing services, AAAS has built up several popular add-on services over the years that help companies boost their cash flow and increase their cost control in IT.

  • We can offer deferred contract start for up to 6 months.
  • We can carry out so-called Sale and Leaseback transactions. This frees up cash that can then be used for other purposes within the company.
  • If you have old IT equipment that is not being used, there is value that we can help you resell. There's more value than you think and what can't be sold is recycled.
  • As AAAS can take residual values in different types of equipment, a low monthly cost can be offered.
  • Flex option. Many companies need to manage fluctuations in their workforce, and a Flex-Option can be a good option. In this way, equipment that is no longer needed can be returned. The premium is adjusted according to need and return rates from 5 - 10% per year or more can be offered.

Sustainable reuse - sell your equipment you don't use

Many businesses have electronics that are not used today. AddPro can help you resell equipment that is no longer in use. In this way, the equipment gets a second life and contributes to a more sustainable life cycle - a win both economically and environmentally. The same option is available when the hardware's contract expires and can either be bought out or resold.

AddPro As A Service is a green option for IT equipment, helping you achieve your sustainability goals and at the same time get money back for end-of-life equipment.

Free up capital on your existing equipment
The last few years have been a major test for many businesses in terms of liquidity. With AddPro's Sale And Lease Back service, you as a customer can also free up capital from your existing IT equipment. By buying back existing equipment, several benefits can be achieved. Cash is freed up and can be used for alternative investments and projects rather than on something that is falling in value. This means that AddPro buys the equipment you have and then leases it back.

Flexible solutions through partnerships
Even for companies with good cash flow, there is a case for using AddPro As A Service. In addition to the lower cost, where the customer pays less money during the rental period than the cost of the products, it is a more flexible solution. AddPro As A Service can be priced according to the number of users, and with the optional Flex-Option it is possible to increase or decrease the number of users and the cost mass in the meantime. This allows you to change the contract over time should your workforce grow or shrink, and you only pay for what you actually use.

"It is our goal to be as flexible and transparent as possible to help our customers. This option allows you to return parts of the equipment during the year, depending on how the premium is built up. We always work closely with our customers to find the right solutions for them and can bake everything from licensing and installation to project financing into our agreements."
- Henrik Lundgren Responsible for AddPro As A service, AddPro.