Cloud & Infrastructure

To help your company focus on your business and develop your products, AddPro is here to take care of your IT. That's what we call efficient, scalable and stable IT, 24/7 of course.

Efficient, scalable and stable IT environment 24/7

With AddPro as your partner, you get all the skills and experience you need to build an IT platform that makes your business efficient and competitive, now and in the future.

Data centres and your IT environment

Our central IT environment today has to be secure, stable and constantly available. There is a lot of talk about the hybrid data centre/public cloud and that services should be placed where they are most appropriate. Many services produced in the data centre can already be turned into platform services in the cloud, and apps are only getting more and more common. It is also not easy to determine which type of service or location is best and where it will create the most cost-effective benefit. AddPro's extensive experience and knowledge of hybrid environments will help you create the IT environment that is best suited to your business. With our expertise, we put you in the best position to streamline what already exists and implement what's missing, in the right cloud.

Safe and flexible workplace

Equally important is that the workplace is flexible, stable and safe, regardless of location, so that employees have the best conditions to do a good job. At AddPro, we see work as something you do, not something you go to. Being able to work efficiently and safely anywhere is a matter of course for us, and we are happy to share our long experience based on 100s of successful projects in various businesses.
An efficient, scalable and stable IT business needs an equally efficient support. Let us at AddPro take care of the problems so you can focus on your business. We are always on site and handle everything from hardware to users. All support emanates from our service desk with AddPro-employed staff, in Sweden, and all speak Swedish, English and not infrequently another language. Of course 24/7.