Get a modern, secure and mobile workplace with Workplace The AddPro Way. The modern way of working is changing at the speed of light and the workplace needs to keep up. Employees want to be able to do their work safely, on any device, anytime, anywhere.

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The need, which has almost grown into a requirement of customers' business, to remove restrictions on workplace location while keeping safety at the forefront can be seen as too great a challenge. Updates and lifecycle management on mobile devices are just two examples of many that can present obstacles in this change.

With Workplace The AddPro Way, we address and solve the challenges of the modern workplace. With our broad expertise, we offer a workplace that is modern, secure and mobile throughout its lifecycle. We can handle everything from logistics and finance to user support. Freed-up resources can be spent on supporting and developing the organisation.

AddPro takes full responsibility for the operation and support of workstations and clients. Of course we handle hardware if available, but our modern solution has no such requirements. The workplace can be in the cloud, in the office or in a mix.

Get-Productive | Stay-Productive are key words in the offer, we create a workplace that provides the best conditions for productivity and we will make sure it stays that way.