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AddPro is Cloud-First, but this does not mean that all our solution proposals will be based on the Public Cloud, however, AddPro promises to always challenge both ourselves and you to always seek a cloud-based solution first. 

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We are convinced that the public cloud offers better security, availability and integration capabilities than what can be achieved in a local data centre and/or private cloud. We are well aware of the obstacles that exist in terms of legal, regulatory or technical reasons, which individually or in combination may prevent placement in the public cloud. One solution to these barriers is the hybrid cloud, where each service or function is placed in the location where it is most appropriate, but at the same time can interact across the boundaries between the public and private local data centre clouds. Over the years, AddPro has built up three of its own data centres located around Sweden to support the creation of the hybrid cloud, to create the best conditions for your business.  

Many customers want to move to the public cloud but are unsure how it will work with their existing environment. Often there is a so-called technology debt, i.e. systems that are based on older technology and that at first glance do not fit into the public cloud. Issues around GDPR and Schrems II are other uncertainties. Hybrid clouds are the most common solution today, allowing systems and solutions to be placed in different clouds 

With our long and deep experience in the various cloud environments, private or public, we design solutions that place loads where they are best suited. AddPro is well versed in and understands the legal and regulatory requirements, so that the client can be relieved of these issues. We know where the biggest challenges lie and can parse to ensure a safe and working solution first time.     

AddPro can take overall responsibility for the introduction of new services and integrations after consultation in the form of workshops and a feasibility study. We design and implement the best solution in terms of product, technology and location. Once the solution is in place, we can continue to monitor, maintain and update.