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Are you looking for the optimal platform for employees to collaborate and communicate? AddPro delivers customised solutions within Modern Work and Employee Experience Platform (EXP).

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The modern workplace is constantly evolving and we firmly believe that a digital modern workplace is the key to productivity, collaboration and communication. The digital way of working with automated processes should help users and be adapted to the needs of the business. Responsibility for the employee experience is now shared between the IT department, the HR department and the management. This means that we must work together for the best possible hybrid workplace and that it enables better business in the end. Employee satisfaction, experience and potential has become as important an issue as the customer experience for the company's products and services. 

Catalyst for corporate culture

AddPro are specialists in Microsoft 365 and enhancing the platform's services. Microsoft's concept for an employee experience is that it should bring together information, communication, knowledge and training. A catalyst that makes your own company culture grow and become strong. AddPro takes this concept further and we work primarily with services such as Viva, SharePoint, Microsoft Teams and the Power platform. 

Common scenario for companies today

An old intranet that is not used, email is sent in bulk and used as a chat, some but not all use Teams for meetings and projects. This is a common scenario in companies today. Communication flows are scattered and there is no consensus on the best way to work. The company is simply not getting value for their investment with licensing and the move to Microsoft 365. Productivity has not gone up as intended.

Increased productivity and engagement

Commitment and belonging are important factors for employee satisfaction and retention. Therefore, it is important to provide a unified and common platform for communication and information in a tool that is already used on a daily basis (Microsoft Teams). A refresh and rethink of an intranet and how information can reach employees. Increased productivity and employee engagement.

Next steps

AddPro offers rapid agile projects that usually start with needs analysis and workshops. Delivery is usually by a team of consultants specialising across the 365 and Modern Work space. Customization and development in the environment can be done by AddPro's many developers. Deployment and user engagement is created with the technical platform in conjunction with our User Adoption experts.