The Integrations service is aimed at companies and organisations that need to connect different systems in a controlled way with the possibility of monitoring. 

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AddPro builds links that allow information to flow between your own systems and, if desired, between your customers' and suppliers' systems.

Modern companies need more and more systems to run their business - and today they often use large colossuses that are expensive to license and difficult to develop. But the more companies digitise, the more important it is that these systems communicate. When regulations and laws or business models change, no one wants to be left with a monolith that is difficult to change.

AddPro has the expertise to deliver all elements of development and integration. From requirements gathering and workshops to deep dives in integration technology, IOT, data warehousing, business intelligence and application management. 

We also help you with the procurement of systems so that the right requirements are set regarding, for example, security and integration possibilities. 

We use Microsoft Azure and associated standard services as our integration and data warehousing platform.

This is the process we use to carry out an integration:

  • Requirements definition lays the foundation - In a workshop, we jointly develop documentation of requirements and information flows.
  • Integration mapping provides an overview - We check with your system vendors to determine which methods will work best to implement the integration.
  • Solution proposal and price - You will receive a price and solution proposal with documentation of the technical solution and functionality.  
  • Implementation according to our methodology - With stakeholders, AddPro's team carries out the implementation according to our development process. 
  • Management extends the life of integration - Integration then moves to management.

Delivered as a DevTeam as a service.