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The Development Team as a Service service is for those who want to secure the right development resources for their organisation over time. With AddPro, you get access to the right skills, in the right quantity, when and where you need them.

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Many companies today choose to strengthen their own development and maintenance organisation with external consultants, often in the form of hand-picked consultants and specific CVs. While this provides the opportunity to ensure the quality of the consultants chosen, there are clear risks in terms of increased personal dependency and the difficulty of managing skills to meet the changing needs of the organisation. 

With Development Team as a Service from AddPro, instead of a single consultant, you get the support of a well-selected, high-performance development team that can be scaled up or down quickly, both in terms of skills and number of resources, as your organisation's needs change.

We at AddPro are experts in developing application solutions, databases and integrations based on Microsoft's various services. We are a certified Microsoft Gold Partner in Application Development, Application Integration, Data Analytics and Data Platforms, and have extensive experience in application development based on Optimizely (formerly Episerver), Sharepoint online, data warehousing solutions and third-party applications.

If you already have an application or service developed by someone other than us, we have ready-made processes for taking over the project. 

Of course, we can also take over a development project that has been started in your own organisation or by another external party. To ensure that the work continues in the best possible way, we first carry out an inspection of the existing project using tried and tested templates and checklists based on best practice. Based on completed processes, we document the solution and at the same time take the opportunity to highlight any shortcomings for improvement before starting development.

A team that knows your organisation - When you choose Application Management from AddPro, you get a dedicated core team and a main contact that works closely with your organisation. At the start of a new project, all steps are documented, increasing flexibility to easily onboard new resources when the team needs to scale.

Reduced vulnerability and dependency - By investing in a skills team, not a person, your development project will be less vulnerable to illness or other staff changes.

Shift up or down the team according to your needs - As your and your organisation's needs change, we shift new skills and experience into your core team. With AddPro's breadth of skills in different areas, flexibility is high to secure just the right skills for the project when they are needed.

Pay only for what you need - With Development Team as a Service, you pay only for the work done, no more and no less.

Together with the customer, the scope and conditions are developed, then AddPro puts together a team with relevant expertise and the right scope. During the journey, the team can be scaled up/down and supplemented with more competencies from across AddPro.