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The Datawarehouse & BI service is aimed at those who want to create value from their information.

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A data warehouse allows your business to gather information into one source that can be used to create new additions and avoid maintaining the same information in more than one place. You could say that the data warehouse is the foundation for digitisation, insights and prediction. We help you act on the right facts instead of just going by gut instinct.

Often information is available in different formats in different systems. Data quality and the ability to link the information is lacking to provide overview and insights. The same data has to be maintained in several systems, which is both costly and can produce different truths. Data quality in the underlying systems can also be of low quality, all of which makes it difficult to generate insights and predictions for informed decisions.

AddPro has a methodology for the entire process including design, implementation and management of data warehouse and BI solutions. Depending on where you as a customer are, we start at the right stage of the process. With a Datawarehouse, the data quality of the underlying systems is checked at the point of entry, the information is transformed, aggregated and enriched in the Datawarehouse. The information will form the basis for digitisation and BI solutions.

AddPro's data warehouse is based on Microsoft Azure technology and has high security.

AddPro has experts with extensive experience in building BI solutions using Microsoft Power BI. Our experts will quickly build a solution with your data in a prototype that you can test and customize to your needs. In parallel, the data warehouse and all integrations are built.

The offering is delivered as a DevTeam as a service.