Cybersecurity Monitoring & Control

Cyber Security Monitoring & Control is the ability to effectively monitor, detect and combat potential threats to your business.

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Cyber Security Monitoring & Control involves having processes and procedures in place as well as security mechanisms in the form of technical solutions for detecting and managing threats, attacks and unauthorised use of IT services.

Many organisations lack the ability to detect and respond to imminent or ongoing attacks, even if the tools to do so are in place. Whatever the underlying causes, this poses a serious threat that can have devastating consequences for the organisation as a whole.

Detecting and managing incidents, both proactively and reactively, creates a sense of security not only for the organisation as a whole but also for the individual employee, which contributes to productivity and increased competitiveness.

AddPro offers several services in this area of varying scope:

  • AddPro SOC 24/7
  • CSIRT, CyberSecurity Incident Response Team
  • Continuous vulnerability scanning