There is huge potential in streamlining and digitising business processes. With Robotic Process Automation (RPA), we can automate time-consuming, simple and manual tasks using the latest technology. 

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To achieve the greatest benefits, you need expertise from both the business, IT and technical understanding of the RPA platform. AddPro has extensive experience in digitising processes. Our business consultants can map and optimise processes and our developers and consultants can realise the digital flow. 

One example that we often see in our customers' environments is the process of onboarding staff. The process is often partly manual and there are lots of emails sent in the organization to manage the flow of onboarding. Another example of processes is when the website or e-commerce platform is newly developed and where the contact with the customer is digital, while on the inside manual and time consuming tasks are still done to manage an order flow or an application. 

Digital transformation is also when internal processes are transformed and streamlined. Automation can increase productivity and deliver cost savings. We help you tailor applications and integrations with an automation platform and develop your organisation's business processes.

AddPro delivers Automation projects through our skilled and experienced management consultants and developers, but sometimes also as an ongoing service over a longer period of time. Hiring AddPro instead of perhaps hiring one person gives you access to several different skills that are not reasonably available in one person.