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The Application Management service is for those who have business-critical applications, integrations and systems in your organisation. 

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AddPro takes responsibility and helps you manage, support and develop your most important services over time. We are able to offer support and management 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

In every company and organisation, there are applications and support systems that are critical in one way or another to the functioning of the business. A week, a day or even hours of downtime has a direct negative impact on the organisation's operations and business.

With Application Management, we ensure that you get the help you need, when you need it, to ensure the operation of business-critical applications and services.

Whether you choose to run your services in the cloud, on prem or in a hybrid environment, we help secure your business-critical services through maintenance, support and development.

AddPro are specialists in all the different Microsoft platforms. We also have extensive experience in the management and support of solutions based on Optimizely (formerly Episerver), Sharepoint online, data warehousing solutions and third party developed applications. 

In cases where we have not been involved in the development of your application from scratch, we have ready-made processes for taking over the support, operation and management of an existing service.

A team that knows your organisation - When you choose Application Management from AddPro, you can rest assured that you'll get help and support from a dedicated management team that knows your organisation and your applications. Each team consists of a management leader, solution architect and, if required, developers. By working in teams, we can also ensure that we always have the right skills available - whether someone falls ill or leaves the company.

Case tracking and ongoing insights - The service desk records all cases and ensures they are followed up correctly and on time through our case management system. By continuously analysing the log and studying current cases, we can also provide proactive suggestions for improvement measures in your applications and services, which further contribute to operational reliability and functionality.

Quality-assured service based on your needs - You choose the level of availability of the service based on your and your organisation's needs - ranging from support by the service desk during office hours to access to both support and developers around the clock, 24/7. You decide what SLA, uptime, is needed in your organisation: from 2 hours to "best effort". 

Flexible business model - Our business model allows you to decide how you pay for the service. A higher proportion of fixed charges gives you more confidence to budget for your costs - a per case charge gives you more flexibility to pay for the help you need.

The advantage of choosing AddPro for your application management is that you get a partner with broad technical expertise in a variety of areas, from infrastructure and internal administration to productivity and BI. Because we all work as one AddPro, there are no silos between our different business areas, making it easy to bring together exactly the skills you need for your project. We're simply one big company with both the skills and agile ways of working needed to make everything work quickly and efficiently.